User Interface Design Patterns

Getting input

Getting the user to input data is a task that should be tailored to the context of use.


The user needs to locate specific features and content and needs navigation to accomplish this.

Dealing with data

Data can be searched, formatted, overviewed, and browsed in a variety of ways.


Allow the user to associate, communicate, and interact with other people online.


Patterns that haven't found their main category yet.


The user needs to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective.

Persuasive Design Patterns


Patterns of psychological tendencies that cause the human brain to draw incorrect conclusions.

Game mechanics

Games engage, involve, and influence us through its playful nature.

Perception and memory

Patterns in how we visually perceive, interpret, and remember meanings as we interact with systems.


As the users interacts with your system feedback motivate them to take the next step.


Allow the user to associate, communicate, and interact with other people online.

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UI Patterns Weekly

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