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Making the Hook Model actionable By Anders Toxboe on Apr 11, 2019

Learn exactly what persuasive techniques you need to use to build habit-forming products.

Making the Fogg Behavior Model actionable By Anders Toxboe on Apr 08, 2019

Whether you are helping your users establish habits, engage in something new or unknown, or just want to motivate your users into using into giving your product a try, the Fogg Behavior Model can guide you.

The tipping point of Persuasive Design By Anders Toxboe on Apr 25, 2018

Persuasive Design has helped team members apply psychology to the design process, effectively establishing a more nuanced understanding and discussion of of the human mind. It has done so by digesting key psychological concepts into a simple...

Introducing the Validation Patterns Card Deck By Anders Toxboe on Jul 18, 2017

At UI-Patterns.com, we’ve been working on a new lean experiment brainstorm tool for quite a while: The Validation Patterns card deck.

Beyond usability: Designing with persuasive patterns By Anders Toxboe on Feb 25, 2016

You probably have a great product. You have done your usability deeds and you have a few core customers who regularly use your product.