Lean startup is misunderstood By Anders Toxboe on May 20, 2019

Don’t go out and build actual stuff.

Sell before writing a single line of code By Anders Toxboe on May 14, 2019

The starting point when launching a new product is too often to ask yourself: What product do we need and what team should we hire? Then after building the product, you start figuring out how to sell it or if it can be sold in the first plac...

When business plans are a waste of time By Anders Toxboe on May 13, 2019

72% of all new products flop1. In other words: it is most likely that you are working on something nobody wants. Chances are higher that you will succeed with an alternative version of the idea you are working on right now – or something com...

Don’t trust agile alone to build successful products By Anders Toxboe on Apr 17, 2019

We are all doing high-frequency waterfall. Agile won’t save us

I wanted to write a book, but ended up with a card deck By Anders Toxboe on Apr 16, 2019

One of my life goals is to publish a book about how to build great products. I hope to help others learn from my hard-earned lessons to get ahead of the game. Ultimately, I want to help product builders to kick ass at what they love to do.