Carousel Design pattern

Problem summary

The user needs to browse through a set of items and possibly select one of them




  • Use when you have a large set of items to show, but want to let the user concentrate his or her attention only on a select few items at a time
  • Use when you want to tease the user by letting him or her know that there are more items available than what is currently shown.
  • Use when you do not have enough space to show all items at once.
  • Use when you have highly visual items to represent such as movie posters, album covers, products etc.
  • Do not use when the items are non-visual such as links to text articles, PDF documents etc.
  • Do not use when the content linked to cannot be immediately identified by an image.


Arrange a set of items on a horizontal line where each item preferably has an thumbnail image attached (or the item is only represented by the image). Even though the list of items is long, only 3-8 images are shown at the same time.

If the user wants to view the rest of the items on the list, he or she must click one of the arrows pointing either left/right or up/down. Once one of the arrow is clicked, the next “view” of images is shown and an animation scrolls the current items to the side and at the same times replaces them with new images. The user can in this way browse the list of items back and forth. Once the end of the list is reached it is he starting items that scrolls in once the arrow is clicked – hence the name Carousel.


The carousel only takes up small space on the screen, why it allows you to let the user scroll through many list items without scrolling up or down.

As the two arrows indicate that there are more items than what is shown now available, the user has a tendency to keep exploring while he or she has browsed through all the images. This carousel pattern can in this way be used as an extra incentive for the user to browse through all items of the list, as we as humans do not feel comfortable by not being aware of the “full picture”.

As the carousel is circular, the start of the list will be shown after the user has reached the end. This behavior gives the user a great opportunity to browse through all list items an extra time.

More example images of the 'Carousel' pattern

  • Carousel

    When viewing Apple's mac products, they are presented in a Carousel pattern with a scrollbar for navigation. The carousel presents products from several categories, which are labeled in the scrollbar.

  • Carousel

    The search engine uses the Carousel pattern to show search results.


    Carousel with alternate book title options at


    Carousel used for a image slideshow gallery at


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